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New Nordic tunes revolves around the vocal music of  Matti Borg and Jørn Pedersen. Both composers have a background as singer and writes in an accessible and melodious style which carries and illuminates the lyrics.

Matti Borg's “Lykkedag” was made in collaboration with Juliane Preisler and was published in 2000.
The preface of the album describes the piece precisely and plainly:

“Lykkedag consists of 20 songs which poetically portray what is closest to all of us: Love, fellowship, solitude, celebration and everyday life, sorrows and joys. The weather and the ligth and the air which all defines the mood and atmosphere. Every song is a world of its own - experienced by the same mind, a middle-aged man whom we follow through wintergray as well as happy days. But they are about all of us."

Stylistically they balance between the small song and the classical lied. Matti Borg benefits from his transnordic heritage and Scandinavian ballad tradition, and the result is a song cycle sounding old as well as contemporary.


Jørn Pedersen has been a professional singer for a generation and has put his own and others' poetry into music concurrently. His songs are not yet published, so this recital is the first time in more than twenty years that a larger collection of Pedersen's songs are performed. The poems are by authors such asSophus Claussen, Sigfred
Pedersen, Åse-Marie Nesse and the composer.

Programme (changes may occur)

Jørn Pedersen (b. 1956)
- Kalypso
- Havbue
- Längtan

- Efteraar
- Jeg ved det
- Angst

- Se nu letter dæmringsdisen

Matti Borg (b. 1956) from Lykkedag (2000)
- Eventyr
- Søvn


- Sommervejr
- Efterår
- Vintergrå
- Forårsdrøm


- Længsel
- Savn


- Aften


Total duration approx. 60 min

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