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Programme (changes may occur)

P. E. Lange-Müller: Tre Sange ved Havet, op. 54
   - Snart er de lyse Nætters Tid forbi
   - Og da jeg sejled dit Hus forbi
   - Jeg sejled en Nat over Havet


G. Fauré:
   - Les berceaux
   - Au bord de l’eau
   - Chanson du pecheur


F. Keel: Three Salt-water ballads
   - Port of many ships
   - Trade Winds
   - Mother Carey


J. Pedersen:
   - Kalypso
   - Havbue
   - Längtan



R. Vaughan-Williams: Songs of travel
   - The Vagabond
   - Let Beauty awake
   - The Roadside Fire
   - Youth and love
   - In Dreams
   - The infinite shining Heavens
   - Whither must I wander?
   - Bright is the Ring of Words
   - I have trod the upward and the downward slope


Duration approx. 1 hour and 25 min. (incl. 15 min break)

In On land, at sea we travel around Europe at sea and wander through the English landscape in the famous song cycle Songs of Travel.

Every song in the first half have the sea as the recurring frame to describe love, the longing for adventure or the escape from the worries on land. Including songs in Danish, French, English, Newnorwegian and Swedish it is also a journey to various cultures and their relation to the life at sea.
The sea has so many faces and expressions that evoke and reflect humna emotions. It can rest calmly and rage wildly and dangerously. It can allure and take you to unknown places beyond the horizon or be a sanctuary away from shore. When the fateful attraction of the sea separates families and lovers, they are left with only hope and can never be sure to see each other again.


The Wanderer is a character that reoccur in many song cycles from Schubert to Mahler. The vagabonden in Stevenson and Vaughan-Williams’ Songs of Travel are not self-destructive as in Winterreise, but is obviously fleeing his past and a life which he cannot return to. The poems includes many a praise of nature and is beautifully and picturesquely put into music.


William Pedersen, baritone

Laurits Dragsted, pianist

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